Invisible Economy

The Invisible Economy

For an overview of the Invisible Economy, you can go to our Github Pages. From there, you will find links to go deeper into the 12-part Medium series, or watch the some of the 40+ hours of recorded working groups.

In the context of insights we have made in those working groups, I hosted a series of calls going deeper into some of the issues seen in the wider ecosystem.  Those recordings are below:

Meeting 1

The first 45 min are intros and why each person got into crypto art. Then the conversation starts at 45 minutes.

Meeting 2

We talk about remixing art in the age of NFTs with artist and legal scholar Primavera De Filippi.

Meeting 3

Trust systems in the crypto art community.

Meeting 4

Scaling governance and the use of governance tokens.

Meeting 5

What values are we promoting and is what we see happening actually resulting in what we want?

Meeting 6

The Why of Art

Women of Crypto Art