From conception to design to implementation Max Osiris has had the vision, creativity and skill to make all of this happen.

In the true community spirit of the Crypto Art world, Max isn’t just showing his own work, but has included the works of a wide variety of crypto artists – some you may know and some you may not. All are very talented artists on a mission to change how you view art – and perhaps how you view the world!

The variety represented here highlights the diversity of the cypto art community and also is a testament to the ‘can-do, will-do’ attitude of this space and the people in it!

ʞuıɥʇun everything!

and join us in recreating the world of art.

Come & see the best new art in the world!

Book your tickets on Eventbrite and choose between free access, + Supporter + tickets which include a special limited edition NFT or + VIP + tickets that include a super rare one of one digital art piece. Boom!